PNC Bank Holiday Hours

Planning your financial activities around holidays is crucial, especially when it comes to visiting your bank. Knowing the holiday hours of your bank allows you to manage your transactions and banking needs effectively. In this article, we will focus on PNC Bank holiday hours. Whether you need to withdraw cash, deposit funds, or seek assistance from a bank representative, understanding the holiday schedule of PNC Bank will help you plan your visits accordingly.

Understanding PNC Bank

PNC Bank is a renowned financial institution that offers a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. With numerous branches across the United States, PNC Bank has become a trusted name in the banking industry. Their services include personal banking, business banking, loans, credit cards, investments, and much more. PNC Bank is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that their clients have access to their accounts when needed.

Importance of Knowing Holiday Hours

Holidays often disrupt regular business operations, including banking services. Many people rely on visiting their local branches to perform various transactions or seek assistance from bank employees. However, during holidays, banks may alter their operating hours or close their branches entirely. Understanding the holiday hours of PNC Bank will enable you to plan your visits in advance, ensuring you can access the necessary banking services without any inconvenience.

PNC Bank Holiday Schedule

To assist you in planning your banking activities, here is the PNC Bank holiday schedule for the year 2023:

New Year’s Day

  • Date: January 1, 2023 (Sunday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Date: January 16, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Presidents Day

  • Date: February 20, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Memorial Day

  • Date: May 29, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Independence Day

  • Date: July 4, 2023 (Tuesday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Labor Day

  • Date: September 4, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Columbus Day

  • Date: October 9, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Veterans Day

  • Date: November 11, 2023 (Saturday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Thanksgiving Day

  • Date: November 23, 2023 (Thursday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

Christmas Day

  • Date: December 25, 2023 (Monday)
  • Branch Status: Closed

It’s important to note that PNC Bank branches will be closed on the mentioned holidays. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan your banking activities accordingly and complete any essential transactions before or after these dates to avoid any inconvenience.


Can I access my PNC Bank account on holidays?

While PNC Bank branches are closed on holidays, you can still access your account through various alternative methods such as online banking, mobile banking apps, or ATMs.

Are all PNC Bank branches closed on holidays?

Yes, PNC Bank follows a standardized holiday schedule, and all branches will be closed on the specified holidays.

Are there any alternative banking options available on holidays?

Yes, PNC Bank provides alternative banking options such as online banking, mobile banking apps, and ATMs that allow you to perform most of your banking transactions even when the branches are closed.

How can I find the holiday hours for my specific PNC Bank branch?

You can find the holiday hours for your specific PNC Bank branch by visiting the official PNC Bank website or contacting their customer service for accurate and up-to-date information.

Can I still use online banking services on holidays?

Yes, PNC Bank’s online banking services are available 24/7, including holidays. You can access your account, check balances, transfer funds, and perform other transactions using online banking.


Being aware of PNC Bank’s holiday hours for the year 2023 is essential for effective financial planning. By knowing when the bank branches will be closed, you can ensure that your banking needs are met without any disruption. It is recommended to refer to this schedule and plan your visits to PNC Bank accordingly.

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